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Cancelled Homeowners Ins Policy?

Back in August of 2023, NE Ohio received the largest storm in decades! The storm was very sudden and caused a millions of dollars in damage. The large magnitude of the storm created NINE tornadoes across NE Ohio...

That's a lot of insurance claims and money paid by both insurance companies and homeowners!

A Home in Mentor Devastated by Fallen Tree From the Tornadoes of August 2023

Following the new year in 2024, we've noticed the insurance companies coming with a more aggressive approach. They now have the technology of Google Earth, satellite surveys, and aerial drone footage, to determine if any large trees or tree limbs would be a potential hazard to your home. You may have even received a notice in your mailbox stating a change in your policy due to potential risks. The insurance companies want to make sure they don't have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in storm damage again...

So what can you do on your behalf?

Step #1: BE PROACTIVE & VIGILANT! Next time you walk outside, observe the trees surrounding your home. Do any limbs hang over your home or garage? Is there a tree within 5ft of the home? Is there a tree thats leaning toward the home or in danger of falling on the home?

This tree in Cleveland Heights nearly missed the home after a storm in early spring.

Step #2: CALL US FOR A FREE ESTIMATE! Whether it's cabling & bracing for support, limb removal, or tree removal.. calling Cleveland Tree and Stump is the right call!

Step #3: BE SAFE, RATHER THAN SORRY. It's not great to lose your homeowners insurance and it's not great to have a tree limb or tree destroy your home. Call us for a free estimate.

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